Press releases

2018- The record year for plug activity

2018 was the all-time high activity record year for Plugs and Plug Solutions with a 20% increase!

Archer Oiltools is a pioneer and market leader of retrievable ISO certified plugs worldwide and we continued our commitment to be a market leader.

  • SEALABILITY: Archer’s LOCK® and SPARTAN® series of well suspension plugs provides the assurance of an absolute seal, independence certified. During more than 2000 deployments in many of the world’s toughest environments, the technology behind LOCK® has established an enviable reputation for security, efficiency and reliability.
  • 100% RETRIEVEABILITY: We continued our retrieveability- no plugs left unintentially in hole.
  • FLEXIBILITY: In 2018 we expanded countries of operations with activities in Guyana and we re-entered Indonesia
  • EFFICIENCY: Service Quality Performance improved by 33%

The Plug and Plug Solutions portfolio consists of:

  • The Spartan® series: SPARTAN®, SPARTAN® LEAKFINDER and C-SPARTAN™
  • Unique Plug Solutions: VAULT® dual plug, SPEARHEAD®
  • The Permanent Bridge Plug: MARS

We believe that technology creates more opportunities and we are excited to introduce new technology in 2019.