About Archer

Archer history

Archer is a global oil services company with a heritage that stretches back over 40 years, with a strong focus on safety and delivering the highest quality products and services. Archer operates in 40 locations providing drilling services, well integrity & intervention, plug & abandonment and decommissioning to its upstream oil and gas clients.

Formed in 2011, Archer is the coming together of two well specialist companies – Seawell and Allis-Chalmers Energy – along with several complementary businesses, each with a deep heritage in delivering wells and improving well performance.

Strengthened by experience and an outstanding record for safety and efficiency, Archer drilling teams secure production on more than 45 offshore platforms across four continents and operate over 81 mobile land rigs in the Latin America. Our comprehensive drilling and workover services include platform drilling, land drilling, directional drilling, drill bits, modular rigs, fluids, engineering and equipment rentals, as well as a select range of well delivery support services and products.

Archer well specialists leverage experience and the right tools to improve well delivery, integrity and performance for each well, extending the productive life of these vital assets.

Archer is publicly traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker ARCHER. Our main operations currently take place in the major basins within Europe, North and South America and we are expanding rapidly throughout the Middle East, Asia Pacific and West Africa.

AWC Frac Valves, Inc. (AWC) is a divested entity of Archer
AWC Frac Valves, Inc. (AWC) manufactures and distributes high-quality gate valves for safe and efficient hydraulic fracturing and other oilfield operations.

AWC is the only gate valve supplier that manufactures and services its valves entirely in the USA. Our superior products and extensive oilfield experience ensure that AWC valves represent the latest generation of ball-screw valve technology.

AWC’s frac valves are widely used by specialized well-control companies and are the preferred valves of many shale-play operators.

More than 7,500 AWC frac valves have been deployed during the last 10 years and we currently supply several hundred valves to operators throughout North and South America, the Middle East and the North Sea.

Innovative process
AWC’s frac valves utilize a hammer-forged valve body that begins as a dense, homogenous block of high-quality U.S. steel. This process vastly improves body integrity, minimizing the risk of failure. Other production techniques result in bodies that are less dense and prone to internal defects.

AWC manufactures all of our frac valves in compliance with the latest API-6A specifications. Frac valve components and manufacturing processes are traceable and the chain of custody is fully documented.
Availability of service after the sale and over the life of the frac valve is a critical aspect of efficient oilfield operations and the total cost of ownership of our customers’ equipment. AWC understands this and is ready and able to completely service our frac valves at each of our strategically located service facilities.

Previous generation gate valves were gear driven and as a result, were slow to operate in either direction and difficult to open under high-differential pressure. This slow open/close speed meant gates were easily worn or damaged by abrasive flow, rendering valves useless or creating operational hazards.

AWC, Torque Master and Hydro Master
Engineered by AWC, Torque Master and Hydro Master valves represent the latest generation of ball-screw valve technology. The Torque Master valve is manually operated while the Hydro Master valve includes a reliable hydraulic actuator that provides numerous safety, efficiency and operational benefits for hydraulic fracturing.

All valves can be ordered with stainless steel inlay in the RTJ, seat pockets and bonnet-seal ring grooves. Additionally, all valves feature standard gates instead of reverse acting gates – allowing field personnel to easily see if the valve is open or closed – and include a manual-locking screw.

The technology used in Torque Master and Hydro Master valves enables them to open or close more quickly and requires significantly fewer rotations to complete the cycle, allowing the valves to be operated in either direction in a fraction of the time. This fast operating speed reduces the wear hazard on sealing surfaces in the presence of abrasive flow and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of fracture operations.

Also, because the new ball-screw valves require up to 75 percent less torque to operate, they can be opened very easily, even in the presence of high-differential pressure.

In terms of mechanical integrity, the Torque Master and Hydro Master valves offer unmatched security for hydraulic fracturing and other oilfield operations. Exclusive emergency upper and lower back-up stem packing assemblies provide even more security to these operations. The gates and seats are interchangeable between the two valves making repair easier and more cost effective.