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C6 Technologies completes world-first application of innovative well intervention technology


Archer and IKM joint venture opens up cost-effective pathway for world’s longest horizontal wells

C6 Technologies AS, the oilfield technology company specialising in the development of innovative solutions for well intervention and conveyance, today announces the successful completion of a world-first application of its ComTrac technology, in conjunction with its parent company, Archer.

ComTrac is the only system in the world that comprises a reel of spoolable 12mm diameter semi-stiff carbon composite rod with electrical conductors. To date the technology has been proven to operate at lengths of up to 8km. Now C6 Technologies plans to extend this significantly with applications exceeding 12km.

The two-week project in the Norwegian North Sea – which was operated by Archer – is the first time the composite rod has been used with a tractor. This enables intervention far beyond capabilities of conventional wireline technology in terms of length and load, particularly for horizontal wells. The scope included fishing, fluid saturation logging and perforating with long sections of high shot density guns.

The low friction, stiffness and almost non-existent stretch of the carbon composite rod eliminate the problem of “stick and slip” experienced with wireline cables. This enables ComTrac to deliver exceptional data quality and repeatability, particularly for high resolution logging services such as fluid saturation logs.

The ComTrac system also demonstrates superior strength and lift performance when carrying heavy loads, allowing for longer tools and perforation guns to be deployed.

Hans Kristian Hegland, CEO of C6 Technologies, said: “ComTrac is now available as a commercial solution and Archer is in the process of rolling out a number of new applications worldwide. Wells are getting deeper and longer and today there are limits to how far current intervention technology can go. The latest project with Archer demonstrates the versatility of ComTrac and its ability to perform on a wide range of applications and environments. The next step is to expand the operation limits of the technology to 12km and beyond.”

C6 Technologies is a joint venture between Archer and IKM. The ComTrac system is designed and manufactured by C6 Technologies and operated by Archer.

About C6 Technologies
C6 Technologies is an oilfield technology company offering new solutions for well intervention and conveyance utilising composite materials. We are dedicated to introducing innovative concepts with performance beyond what established technology in the oilfield can provide today. We develop these concepts through to field-ready solutions and supplies full systems to the end user.

C6 Technologies was established in 2010 and is owned jointly by Archer Ltd and the IKM Group. We work closely with our owners and benefit greatly from their resources, global footprint and expertise:

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