At Archer, we provide highly skilled, multidisciplinary survey and inspection teams to work with global onshore and offshore drilling contractors and oil and gas operators. We strive to achieve the highest possible quality and service standards to help enhance asset integrity for safe and profitable operations.

Archer offer periodic inspection services that assess your equipment’s safety and manage risk. These inspections ensure that your equipment and sub-systems are maintained to the required standards.
Our inspectors have spent many years maintaining equipment; We know where to look and what to look for beyond the obvious. We can identify potential problems so they can be addressed before they become critical.


Our inspections focus on the quality control of individual components and sub-systems:

  • Dropped object prevention schemes (DROPS)
  • Lifting and lifted equipment
  • IRATA rope access
  • Regulatory and statutory surveys
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT).


Our surveys are about the quality assurance of total systems, procedures and policies, paying attention to the details but looking at the bigger picture:

  • Rig condition assessments (RCA)
  • Rig hardware assessments (RHA)
  • Hull preservation surveys (HPS)
  • Class surveys and UWILD1.


Madeleine Hystad

Country Manager Engineering Norway
Phone: +47 51308000

Sandy Knight

Country Manager Engineering UK
Phone: +44 1224 767671