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Digital pressure testing - a better way to pressure test

The Archer-DARTT Recorder™

The Archer-DARTT Recorder™ is military specification solid state hybrid laptop with an ultra-precision digital pressure and temperature sensor. This hardware is coupled with our embedded software to deliver sophisticated yet simple to use, plug and play advanced pressure testing tooling.

Advantages this system provide include:

  • Assured compliance to your test specification
  • Reduced pressure testing times
  • Result prediction
  • Rig/ vessel pressure heave cancelling
  • Ultimate traceablility with automatic reports
  • Objective test results
  • Safety gates and active pressure warnings
  • Plug and play system: easy to use


Military Specification Laptop

Multi-point touch screen laptop with dual hot-swappable batteries for uninterrupted continuous use. Rugged designed for the offshore environment and meeting ingress protection and military standards.

Ultra-High Accuracy Sensor

Accurate result prediction and test health analysis is proportional to the quality of raw data taken. The Archer-DARTT Recorder™ sensors are European made to Archer-DARTT engineering specifications.

  • Rugged ROV grade sensor cable (5-100m) with military connections
  • Engineering housing for temperature stabilisation and impact protection
  • Calibration certification traceability stored in EEPROM
  • Intercharable with any existing chart recorder hydraulic connection
  • International CE conformity
  • 1000bar, 1500bar or 2000bar
  • 0.05% FS Accuracy, 0.1% FS Precision, 0.002% FS Resolution
  • 15 point NATA calibration
  • Calibration to any international standard

ROV Compatible Hardware

Increasingly ROVs are being utilised to conduct subsea pressure tests as they can reduce the need for running an umbilical. The Archer-DARTT Recorder™ design enables integrates easily to existing ROV systems for advanced subsea pressure testing.

  • Suitable for 400bar external pressure
  • No 1-atmosphere housing required
  • One hydraulic connection and simple data interface
  • Operate the Archer-DARTT Recorder™ from the ROV cabin
  • Keep your project workflows and traceability consistent

Three Step Workflow

Step 1 – Specify
Input your test specification and equipment traceability details using the test setup wizard. Alternatively, save pre-set tests for later repeated   use – useful for projects with planned critical tests.

Step 2 – Test
Execute the pressure test against your criteria.Advanced test health tools guide the operator and predict the final outcome to assist in decision making throughout.

Step 3 – Report
Unambiguous objectively qualified result. Documented with all required traceability information.Digitally signed PDF report created and available immediately.

Instant Report Access and Cloud Services

Completed tests are automatically published to a digitally signed PDF traceability report and can be emailed to stake holders immediately. The Archer-DARTT Recorder™ can be synchronised to your companies choice of cloud services for instant distribution of test reports to controlled stakeholders.



Fernando Zapata Bermudez

Business Development Manager

Andreas Fliss

Product Line Director