P&A and Slot Recovery Solutions

Optimizing P&A and Slot Recovery Operations

Archer can provide the customer full life cycle in P&A and Slot Recovery Solutions using the Stronghold® System, The Samurai® Cutter and the X-it®.

The Stronghold® Family is a suite of innovative solutions significantly improving efficiency in Slot Recovery, Workover and Plug & Abandonment operations. The Stronghold® Barricade® + System helps setting full lateral barriers by perforating the casing, wash the perforations and cement the annular space providing a competent barrier all in one run. The Stronghold® Defender® & Fortify® Systems helps verifying existing annular by perforating the casing, testing the annular barrier and cementing the wellbore. Providing permanent caprock integrity.

The Samurai® Multi-Function Pipe Cutter is designed with a big bore in order to facilitate thru bore cementing operations without risk of flash-set inside the tool. This result in successful cementing operations thru the cutter and successful pipe cut

X-it®’s unique multiramp Whipstock geometry and fourth generation mill provide a step change in sidetrack drilling performance. With X-it® technology, sidetracks are delivered efficiently, reliably and with far greater accuracy.



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Fernando Zapata Bermudez

Business Development Manager
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Bjørn Tore Torvestad

Product Line Manager P&A and Slot Recovery Solutions
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