Cut & Pull

Innovative and time saving combination runs

Cut & Pull

Archer's Cut & Pull Solutions Deliver Industry Leading Performance.

Casing recovery can be very time-consuming, particularly for complex offshore wells where up to 70% of the rig time is spent on tripping during abandonment or slot recovery operations.

Archer provide single trip casing recovery solutions, with flexible functionality and high capacity specifications that reduces time, emissions and reliance on contingencies.

Samurai® The Versatile Multi-Function Pipe Cutter
YARI™ The System Designed Rotating Spear with High-Load Pulling Capacity
THOR® The Casing Cleaning & Recovery System- Delivering a step change in performance pulling longest casing strings



Bjørn Tore Torvestad

Product Line Manager P&A and Slot Recovery Solutions

Nicholas Pantin

Global Director of Operations