Cut & Pull

Innovative and time saving combination runs

Cut & Pull

Archer's Cut & Pull Solutions Deliver Industry Leading Performance.

Cut-and-Pull operations are one of the most time-consuming well activities typically carried out during P&A and slot recovery campaigns. The time needed for cut-and-pull operations depends on how effectively and quickly the bond between the casing and the material present in the casing annulus can be broken down. Typical cut-and-pull operations consist of cutting a casing section with a tubular cutter and pulling it out of the well back to surface by utilizing a casing spear. The challenge is that, on average, only a relatively short casing section can be successfully retrieved, and multiple runs are required to complete the job.

Archer is developing new technologies and further expanding its capabilities with a focus on P&A and Slot Recovery operations to support the industry’s energy transition and its low-carbon targets. Archer’s technology portfolio includes, but is not limited to, bottom hole assemblies (BHAs) to enable the combination of 3 – 5 conventional downhole trips into a single trip. This includes V0 and V6 ISO-certified suspension plugs, the ability to cut and pull casing in tension, circulate the annulus and address the challenges of settled barite. Cement-thru pipe cutters, Perf Wash and Cement solutions, downhole casing jacks and mechanical perforations along with qualifying shale as a barrier are other solutions offered.

The THOR® system is designed to perforate, clean and recover casing, all in a single trip. The method is based on removing friction in casing annulus to recover the casing. The system delivers a step change in performance for pulling the longest casing strings from settled barite. The system is based on the Perforate and Wash technology from Archer. The TCP gun system penetrates the first casing without harming the second casing while maintaining the full integrity of this casing. The system can also be configured with a mechanical perforation tool. The system has been applied in multiple wells and has delivered improved performance for pulling long casing strings up to 400 m.



SUMO®– The Hydraulic Downhole Casing Jack is a system designed to overcome the limitation of the pulling capacity of the rig and the stretch and frictional losses in the drill string while applying tension. The most typical application is to anchor inside a 13 ⅜” casing and pull on the 9 ⅝” casing being stuck due to settled barite from the drill fluid.


The Samurai® is a hydraulic pressure operated mechanical tool for cutting different pipe sizes from 9 5/8” and up. The Samurai® big bore multi-function pipe cutter has a ball-activation system that allows for both pumping through and pressuring up string without knives extending.

The YARI® is a Tension or Compression set Anchor, which can be anchored downhole acting as a “marine swivel” inside casings, and allow cutting operations to be conducted. During operations on floating vessels/semi-subs the YARI® will be compensated. The YARI® can conduct multiple operations related to slot recovery, work-over and P&A in a one-trip solution for cementing, cutting and pipe recovery operations.

The LOCK & LOAD® System allows the following operations to be conducted within the same trip:

  • Install LOCK® or SPARTAN® Plug
  • Place cement on top of plug
  • Hang off BHA in wellhead during nippling
  • Dress off cement plug and tag to verify integrity
  • Cut casing
  • Pull Casing

The LOCK & LOAD® running tool has full pressure integrity and exposes a large slick ID designed for cementing and has integral cutting structure to dress off the cement prior to tagging.


Bjørn Tore Torvestad

Product Line Manager P&A and Slot Recovery Solutions

Fernando Zapata Bermudez

Business Development Manager