Fishing & Milling

High quality equipment and innovate solutions

Fishing & Milling

Archer offer’s a wide range of solutions and products for open and cased hole fishing services.

We provide exceptional services, high quality equipment and innovate solutions with a strong commitment to quality, health, safety and the environment.
Archer is proud to have the expertise required to provide technical and operational support for all levels of fishing and downhole interventions.

Fishing requires creative thinking and skillful use of expertise and equipment. Our highly experienced team of specialists, with decades of technical knowledge and practical downhole experience ensure that every job is well planned and executed.

We offer:

  • Mills, Overshots, Spears, Junk & Debris Catchers
  • Wash Pipe and Washover Shoes
  • Casing Cutters
  • Fishing Jars and Intensifiers, Fishing Bumper Subs, Fishing Magnets
  • Taper Taps, Rope Spears, Die Collars, Junk Baskets, Stabilizers
  • Circulation Subs and Valves
  • Wireline Retrieval Tools
  • Through Tubing Fishing, Work Over Fishing
  • Bridge Plug Milling and Retrieval, Permanent Production Packer Milling and Retrieval
  • Wellbore Cleanout Equipment
  • Section Milling, Casing Milling



Bjørn Tore Torvestad

Product Line Manager P&A and Slot Recovery Solutions

Torodd Solheim

Global Advisor Casing Exit & Fishing