Permanent Caprock Integrity

Stronghold® Systems

Archer Oiltools' Stronghold® systems provide an economical and effective alternative to traditional plug and abandonment (P&A).

Stronghold® Barricade® system: Archer’s field proven Barricade®+ system perforates, washes, and cements the annulus, creating a rock-to-rock barrier in just one trip.
Stronghold® Defender® system: Archer’s field proven barrier test system enables operators to perforate and test annular barrier.
Stronghold® Fortify® system: Archer’s next generation barrier verification system used in plug and abandonment (P&A) and slot recovery. It is a superior system used to verify the integrity of existing annular barriers such as creeping formation and cement, ensuring Permanent Caprock Integrity.

By eliminating the need for milling, Archer’s Stronghold® systems deliver a step-change in efficiency and effectiveness for P&A. Together with Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) products and new charge development, Archer gives an efficient and safe execution of operations providing time and cost savings for our customers.

Latest publications

SPE-191528-MS Improving the Understanding, Application and Reliability of the Perforate, Wash and Cement Technique through the Use of Cement Bond Logs, Tool Enhancements and Barrier Verification via Annular Pressure Monitoring

SPE-193945-MS  Perforate Wash and Cement for Large Casing Sizes

SPE-193989-MS Dual Annuli Closed System Perforate, Wash and Cement

SPE-184716-MS  Successful Multi-Well Deployment of a New Abandonment System for a Major Operator


Stronghold® Barricade® System Specifications

Size, in 6 5/8 – 7 5/8 9 5/8 – 16
Min ID, in 2.2 2.3
Circulation rate, lpm [bbl/m] 1,600 [10] 2,200 [14]
Pressure rating, psi [bar] 5,000 [344] 5,000 [344]



Bjørn Tore Torvestad

Product Line Manager P&A

Nicholas Pantin

Global Director of Operations