Stronghold® Case studies

7” Stronghold® Barricade® Providing High Quality Bond Across the Entire 74 m Section for Equinor
13 3/8 Stronghold® Barricade® Deepwater Operation GOM

Stronghold® Barricade® Successfully Abandons Dual Annuli for UK Operator
Stronghold® Barricade®+ System Sets a New Standard for Perforate Wash and Cement with Excellent Cement Bond Log Result Across the Entire Barrier
Stronghold® Barricade® successfully optimized production of oil well by isolating the reservoir from water producing zones
Stronghold® Barricade® Remediating B Annulus Pressure in 7” x 9 ⅝” Dual Casing Application

13 3/8 Stronghold® Barricade® Deepwater Operation GOM
First Stronghold® Barricade® System operation successfully executed in the Caspian Sea for BP

First Stronghold®Barricade® System in US Land to successfully plug and abandon well using alternative plugging material
Stronghold® Barricade® System Extends Lifetime of 2 Wells By Remediating Sustained Casing Pressure

Stronghold® Barricade® Helps Customer Plug and Abandon Well From Workover Unit

Stronghold® Barricade® Reducing cost and improving effectiveness of P&A on StatfjorD
Successful Barricade® Job Sets New Benchmark in Perforate, Wash and Cement Efficiency
Stronghold® Defender® Pressure test formation behind 13 3/8” casing through perforated 9 5/8” casing and cement
Stronghold® Barricade® reduces time and provides increased efficiency on slot recovery