Permanent Bridge Plug

MARS Series

The MARS Permanent Bridge Plug is an ISO14310 V0 qualified drill pipe or wireline set plug, capable of sealing up to 15.000 psi.

The MARS plug can be run on a flow activated drill pipe deployed Running Tool or set up with an adapter kit to suit standard hydraulic wireline setting tool.The MARS plug is developed for permanent applications, but millable if required. 2 plugs can be milled in the same run if needed.

Benefits Features
Flow activated (DP deployed) ISO14310 V0 qualified
Hydraulic set 15,000 psi pressure rating
Drill pipe and wireline deployed Sour Service qualified
Millable (2 plugs in same run)


Fernando Zapata Bermudez

Business Development Manager

Roar Pedersen

Product Line Manager Plugs & Plug Solutions

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