Strong, extensive hangoff and pull capability

SPEARHEAD® Plug Solutions

SPEARHEAD® is a plug and abandonment (P&A) casing retrieval system that is designed to withstand increased hang off loads, or pull forces, whilst qualifying as a barrier plug.

This system allows customers to combine two or more operations, using the SPEARHEAD® as an anchor before or after it has been set as a barrier.

The SPEARHEAD® plugs are based on the LOCK® and SPARTAN® technology, delivering cost and time savings as well as providing operational efficiency.

Benefits Features
Saves operational time Extensive hangoff capability
Saves operational costs ISO 14310 certified, available as V0
Reduces rig site handling, improving safety standards Ability to pressure test above
and below the plug


Fernando Zapata Bermudez

Business Development Manager
Email: fernando.bermudez@archerwell.com

Roar Pedersen

Product Line Manager Plugs & Plug Solutions
Email: roar.pedersen@archerwell.com