Renewable Energies and Carbon Capture & Storage

Preventing the CO2 from entering the atmosphere by storing it permanently underground

Renewable Energies and Carbon Capture & Storage

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is critical to meet the Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting global warming to well below 2°C. CCS technology can capture up to 90% of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions produced from the use of fossil fuels, pre-venting the CO2 from entering the atmosphere by storing it permanently underground.
CCS is one of the few technological solutions that can contribute to a significant reduction in emissions from industrial operations based on coal or gas power, keeping CO2 out of the atmosphere that would otherwise worsen climate change.

Archer’s Oiltools is an industry leader for smart and robust solutions in markets where well integrity, reliability and time savings are of upmost importance. Oiltools’ range of technologies are designed to deliver better wells by extending well life, maximizing well performance and minimizing environmental impact. Integrity is one of the most important aspects of CCS wells to ensure that the carbon stays in the ground for eternity.

Geothermal wells are also playing an important role as a renewable energy resource in achieving the Paris climate goals. Archer Oiltools has a broad range of technologies and innovative solutions to deploy in Geothermal wells.
A combination of CCS & Geothermal Technologies can contribute to achieve faster the required re-duction in CO2 emission and to decrease the cost by sharing injection wells, using CO2 instead of water as heat transfer fluid, thereby lowering water consumption and saving pump costs.


Andreas Fliss

Product Line Director