Multi-Function Cutter


The Samurai® Multi-Function Cutter is a hydraulic pressure operated mechanical tool for cutting different size pipes from 9 5 /8” to 14”.

The Samurai® Multi-Function Pipe Cutter is designed with a big bore in order to facilitate thru bore cementing operations without risk of flash-set inside the tool. This result in successful cementing operations thru the cutter and successful pipe cut from 9 5/8” up to 14” OD. The cutter can also function as a conventional pipe cutter.

Features & Benefits
• Sizes from 9 5/8” to 14”
• Multi-Function for cementing abilities
• High pre-cut operation pressure
• RIH knife Lock
• Stabilizers to improve cutting
• Large bypass areas eliminating flow restrictions
• Ball activation
• Simple to run
• Multiple run possible
• Combine multiple activities


Nicholas Pantin

Global Director of Operations

Torodd Solheim

Product Line Manager Casing Exit & Fishing

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