Auxiliary Services

Archer offers a range of auxiliary services that help our customers to monitor, evaluate and maintain their oil and gas wells.

The K177 Quantum is a slickline, e-line, or coiled tubing conveyed downhole memory gauge with significantly enhanced capabilities.

The Ultra-Fast Pressure Gauge is a highly flexible, ultra-fast sampling, pressure, temperature and acceleration tool ideal for monitoring extremely fast pressure transients in downhole explosive environments.

The High Expansion Gauge Hanger is used for hanging off gauges and other tools in a well. Designed for use in tubing with no nipple profiles, the gauge hanger provides a platform to hang gauges from while at the same time constituting a negligible flow restriction. The tool can also be used as an anchor to prevent unwanted movement of, for example, abandoned equipment in flowing wells.

The Rugged CCL, Pressure & Fluid Temperature Tool is a combined Casing Collar Locator, Piezo-resistive Pressure and Fluid Temperature tool ideal for high resolution depth determination, BHP/ Gradient Surveys, monitoring Sliding Sleeve (SSD) positioning and determining fluid movement in producing or injecting wells.

The Low Power Electronic Firing Head is a high integrity memory based tool suitable for any remote explosive or non-explosive operation where the operator requires a reduction in running costs while maintaining the highest possible degree of safety and control for a memory based tool.


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