Radial Bond Log

The prime application for the Radial Cement Bond Tool is to confirm hydraulic isolation between producing and non-producing zones, and the integrity of the well, by the effective placement of cement between the well tubulars (typically casing) and the formation. Poor cement can result in unwanted water or gas production, fluid migration in the annulus and inadequate support of the casing. In some instances the safety and integrity of the entire well can be threatened.

Archer offer the RBT in 2 variants, the 1 11/16” OD tool and the 3 1/8” tool. Both utilize an omni-directional piezoelectric transmitter crystal to generate acoustic energy in response to an electrical signal sent from the tool electronics. The pulsed sonic signals are at 18 Khz (31/8” tool) or 22 kHz (111/16” tool).

More information can be obtained from Archer’s RBT User Guide and the Technical Data Sheets.


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