Perforating Services

Archer offer a complete portfolio of perforating equipment with perforating guns ranging from 1 11/16” to 7”, from strip guns to scalloped hollow carrier guns.

We offer a variety of big-hole and deep penetrating charges for all applications.

All explosives offered by Archer are Radio-safe and range from RDX to HMX to HNS.

Amongst Archer’s suppliers are the industry leading manufactures of Oilfield Explosives such as Hunting Titan, DynoNobel and Owen Oil Tools.

Specialty services such as Select Fire perforating, orientated perforating and running explosives on slickline are also included in Archer’s offering.

Technical information of some of the perforating systems offered by Archer can be obtained from the following technical data sheets.

Slickline Perforating Trigger

The Electronic Firing Head (EFH) is a high integrity memory based perforating trigger suitable for any remote explosive or non-explosive operation where the operator requires a reduction in running costs while maintaining the highest possible degree of safety and control for a memory based tool.

The EFH is dualmicroprocessor controlled ensuring no single microprocessor failure can activate the output. The microprocessors continually perform status and operational integrity checks of the other processors for additional safety.

The EFH can be used to perforate, plug and cut tubing, liner or casing and can be run on Slickline, e‐line, coil tubing and is suitable for TCP or DST operations.

  Standard Extended
Max. Temperature, °F [°C] 329 [165] 347 [175]
Max. Pressure, psi [MPa] 15,000 [103.4] 15,000 [103.4]
Tool diameter, In [mm] 1.375 [35] 1.375 [35]
Tool length, In [mm] <36 [<914.4] <36 [<914.4]
Pressure 1.75 – 4.5 [45 – 114] 1.75 – 4.5 [45 – 114]
Temperature 0.002 [0.051] 0.002 [0.051]
Acceleration ± 0.02 [0.508] ± 0.02 [0.508]
Pressure, psi [MPa] <0.01 [<0.00007] <0.01 [<0.00007]
Temperature, °F [°C] <0.018 [<0.01] <0.018 [<0.01]
Acceleration, g [m/s2] <0.01 [<0.098] <0.01 [<0.098]
Electrical power requirements
Low power 2 or 3 x PMX165 ‘C’ Lithium Battery 2 or 3 x PMX165 ‘C’ Lithium Battery
High power 18 x PMX165 ‘C’ Lithium Battery 18 x PMX165 ‘C’ Lithium Battery
Data acquisition
Memory capacity 3MB (up to 1.5 million data points) 3MB (up to 1.5 million data points)
Maximum sample rate 32 samples/second 32 samples/second
Connections 15/16” x 10UN 15/16” x 10UN
Materials Corrosion resistant throughout


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