Archer’s business is diverse in nature, from manning services and well intervention technology to drilling operations using our own land rigs. Central in our strategy is to evaluate the effectiveness of the sustainable environmental practices within our operations, supply chain, and how we partner with our customers to achieve their environmental goals.

Archer follows the guiding principles of ISO 14001:2015 in its environmental management system. We evaluate external environmental factors and impacts and perform a risk-based analysis triggered by internal or external requirements. Our goal is to reduce emissions, discharges, and waste.
Annual environmental improvement projects are defined on a yearly basis.

Focus areas

  • Emissions and air quality
  • Development and implementation of efficient technologies
  • Helping our clients through energy-efficient solutions
  • ESG evaluation criteria in supply chain
  • Energy efficient workshop and offices
  • Energy efficient transportation
  • Water management
  • Chemicals management

Some initiatives in helping our customers reduce their emissions

Renewable Energies and Carbon Capture & Storage
Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is critical to meet the Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting global warming to well below 2°C. CCS technology can capture up to 90% of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions produced from the use of fossil fuels, preventing the CO2 from entering the atmosphereby storing it permanently underground.CCS is one of the few technological solutions that can contribute to a significant reduction in emissions from industrial operations based on coal or gas power, keeping CO2 out of the atmosphere that would otherwise worsen climate change.
Archer is an industry leader for smart and robust solutions in markets where well integrity, reliability and time savings are of upmost importance. Archers’ range of technologies are designed to deliver better wells by extending well life, maximizing well performance and minimizing environmental impact. Integrity is one of the most important aspects of CCS wells to ensure that the carbon stays in the ground for eternity.
Geothermal wells are also playing an important role as a renewable energy resource in achieving the Paris climate goals. Archer has a broad range of technologies and innovative solutions to deploy in Geothermal wells. A combination of CCS & Geothermal Technologies can contribute to achieve faster the required reduction in CO2 emission and to decrease the cost by sharing injection wells, using CO2 instead of water as heat transfer fluid, thereby lowering water consumption and saving pump costs.

Integrated Operations
Since 2015, Archer has made it possible to run operations offshore without Archer personnel themselves being on board the rig. Integrated Operations (IO) ensures a high standard of operational quality and safety and delivers a significant reduction of personnel-on-board (POB) to operators using advanced real-time technology and a substantial reduction of carbon footprint. In 2020 alone, Archer performed more than 300 Integrated Operations worldwide spreading from Canada and the Gulf of Mexico to the North Sea and the Caspian Sea. Archer has increased the scope of products and solutions delivered with IO over the recent years with a 100% success rate. Archer’s IO operations saved approx. 20,000 tons of CO2 emissions in 2020.

THOR® Casing Cleaning & Recovery System
The THOR® system is designed to perforate, clean and recover casing, all in a single trip. The method is based on removing friction in casing annulus to recover the casing. THOR® delivers a step change in performance for pulling the longest casing strings.

The system is based on the market leading Perforate and Wash technology from Archer Oiltools. The TCP gun system is unique and penetrates the first casing without harming the second casing and keeping the full integrity of this casing.

ComTrac® is designed to meet an evolving selection of conveyance challenges by the innovative application of composite materials in a revolutionary, cost efficient intervention system. The ComTrac® system uses a high strength and low friction carbon rod, with an all-electric drive system, to deliver increased payload per intervention, along with extended reach capability. This enables operators to economically develop their valuable assets while minimizing environmental impact.

In 2020 a perforation campaign utilizing the ComTrac® system resulted in 70% less runs compared to wireline, with 17 days of operational time saved. The abilities and the advantages of the ComTrac® system gives our customers a solution for complex wells intervention and provides the confidence to continue to drill extended reach wells, with maximum reservoir contact, from existing fields. Being able to intervene with the ComTrac® system will result inhave a major savings in field development and environmental impact.
In 2021 the goal for Archer is to reach total depth in wells up to 12.200 m and prove that the ComTrac® is the only intervention technology in the market for these applications.